Friday, December 24, 2010

San Fernando Pampanga's Giant Lantern Festival

On its 102nd year of lantern making, San Fernando Pampanga's 20 ft. x 20 ft. lanterns entertained local and foreign tourists who came just to witness the very colorful and world renowned festival.

Baranggay Sta. Lucia bested 8 other baranggays (Dolores, San Nicolas, Telabastagan, San Jose, San Pedro, Santo Nino, Santa Lucia, Del Pilar and San Juan) in the annual Ligligan Parul (Lantern Competition) which happened last December 18, 2010.

This annual tradition before Christmas serves as Fernandinos' way of working towards unity and progress as one people.


Photos courtesy of Rommel Natanauan and Yuri of Lost Tsinelas

Friday, December 17, 2010

Let us #helpDOT help the Philippines

If you are wondering what this blog is all about, it is an online presence for my experiences in my new journey in the Tourism industry; a creative avenue to think, plan, create, design, innovate, collaborate and do something concrete for our country; a repository of ideas, photos and stories of the beauty and grandeur of our culture and heritage as Filipinos.

It is not an easy task, I would admit. This is a small contribution, an initiative, to help make people aware and care about Philippine Tourism and the Philippines. We are just starting. What is important is that we start somewhere. We would need more people, our fellow Filipinos, and our friends, to see this through, and make it a reality. :)

Yes, I am with the Department of Tourism (DOT), but this is an unofficial, personal, journal that will document exciting and memorable episodes in my journey we all can learn from and be proud of. So first, I am proud to say, Pilipinas Kay Ganda! The Philippines is so beautiful! I agree with this statement completely. If only we get to see it through our own eyes. If only we had the opportunity to travel and experience it first hand. If only we let others take us through, then probably, even how tiny it can be, it will affect and effect our desired outcome.

I have a lot of backlogs I want to share with you, but for now, I leave you with the Giant Lantern Festival that will happen tomorrow in the Christmas Capital of the Philippines, San Fernando, Pampanga (Region III).

Photo courtesy of the Official Gazette of the Philippines

It will be my first time to see for myself the beauty of the Giant Lantern Festival. There's a scheduled fireworks exhibition to cap-off the event before midnight.

Tara, game na! I am all ready. Let's go and explore the Philippines! XD